Bullpen Bullies Health Guarantee


This puppy is guaranteed to be in good health and free of communicable diseases at the time of sale. The buyer agrees to have the puppy examined by a veterinarian within 3 working days from the time the puppy is received.  If within 7 days from the time the buyer takes possession of the puppy it is found by a licensed Veterinarian and confirmed by West riverside Veterinary Hospital, not to be in good health, the breeder is not responsible for any expenses incurred by the buyer. 


Although both parents have now been found to be healthy and free of congenital defects, it is impossible to guarantee that their off-spring will be free of any congenital defects. Also, beyond the 7 day health guarantee, there are no guarantees as to this puppy’s adult height, adult weight, show potential, bite, temperament, or ability and fitness to breed. 


Your puppy has been on vaccination and deworming schedules. Please take your records to the veterinarian during your regular visits. It is VERY IMPORTANT that the vaccinations and deworming continue on schedule. Please DO NOT FORGET the yearly boosters. If your puppy has been purchased as a pet, it is strongly recommended that your puppy be spayed/ neutered under the guidelines of your veterinarian. 


The buyer agrees to take good care of this puppy and provide adequate food, water, housing and medical care. The buyer agrees to follow the breeder’s recommendations regarding feeding, training, exercise and general care. If for any reason the buyer decides to find a new home for this puppy, the breeder would appreciate notice. 


The buyer is aware that this guarantee is non-transferable. Venue and jurisdiction for litigation arising out of or related to this transaction shall lie exclusively in San Diego, California. 

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